A Simple Guide to Ordering Funeral Flowers

A Simple Guide to Ordering Funeral Flowers

Funeral Flowers Melbourne

Are you looking to send funeral flowers to Melbourne, Australia, and wandering what flowers to order? This funeral flower guide will answer some of your questions. People show their respect and offer sympathies to the grieving family by sending flowers to a funeral. Flowers can say much more than words ever could. 

Funeral flowers are sent on the day of the funeral or memorial service. They can be sent to funeral homes, places of worship, crematoriums or cemeteries. They are not to be confused with sympathy flowers, which are typically sent to the family home or business place.

Types of Funeral Flower Arrangements

Some of the most popular types of funeral arrangements are discussed below. If you have a particular request like arranging oversized flower baskets or decorating the whole funeral place talk to your local florist. They can accommodate lots of requests if given enough time.

Casket Flower Spray 

Casket flower sprays decorate the casket. They are arranged by the immediate family members. Casket sprays come in different sizes and colours, making them affordable for every budget and taste. Some of the most popular flowers include roses, lilies, orchids, disbuds, gerberas and Australian native flowers.

Before you order casket flowers, make sure to find out whether the top of the casket is straight or curved, as different frames need to be used accordingly. It is best if casket flowers are ordered at least two days in advance to allow for the sourcing of flowers and arranging them.

Standing Flower Sprays

 Flower sprays are arrangements of flowers presented on a stand to decorate the service area. Standing sprays can be single-ended, pointing at one side or double-ended, forming an oval shape by pointing at both sides. Standing sprays can also be wreathed. They are set up near the casket.

Usually, they are ordered by the family to make the surroundings look beautiful. Some of the most popular flowers used in standing sprays include oriental lilies, gladioli, roses, gerberas and chrysanthemums.

Funeral Circular Wreaths   

Large white and yellow flowers funeral wreath.


circular wreath is a round floral tribute that is adorned with your chosen cut flowers and foliage. Flowers are arranged on a pre-soaked oasis to stay fresh.

The size of the wreaths varies from 40 cm to 100 cm in diameter. Funeral wreaths can cost between $100 to $400 depending on the size and the quality and type of flowers. A florist choice wreath will cost you less than a custom made. Flower wreaths are suitable to be sent to the funeral service.                

Funeral Heart Wreaths

Solid funeral heart wreath with white flowers.


Similar to circular wreaths, funeral flower hearts are a beautiful tribute to your loved one. By ordering a flower heart people show their love for their dear one. The wreath frame is shaped into a heart that is filled with flowers and foliage. 

Heart wreaths can be open in the middle or solid with no opening. Usually, solid hearts cost more than open hearts as it takes more flowers to fill them. Funeral flower hearts can be sent by family or friends.

Funeral Flower Crosses

Funeral crosses are often chosen by people who would like to convey a religious message through flowers. Funeral crosses come in different sizes to accommodate all budgets. Small to medium size flowers are usually used.

Crosses filled with chrysanthemums are a popular choice, as are those made using roses. The crosses can come with or without a signature flower spray in the middle. 

Funeral Flower Cushions

Flower cushions are floral tributes in the form of a cushion. They are filled with your preferred flowers. Sometimes a spray of flowers is placed in one of the corners. They symbolize resting in a comfortable place.

Funeral Flower Sheaves

Bouquet of purple and white flowers.


Flower sheaves are less formal than other funeral flowers. A sheaf is basically a hand-tied bouquet. By design, it is flat on one side, making it easy to display. They can be sent by anyone. Usually, they cost less than a wreath and are quicker to put together.

Funeral Flower Posies

As the name suggests, this type of funeral arrangement is a posy constructed in an oasis frame. As such, these flowers will look fresh during the whole day. A funeral posy offers more flexibility than a wreath because florists can play with the length of the flowers. Funeral posies can be sent by anyone.

Funeral Flower Letters

Flower letters are literally oasis cut letters filled with flowers and put together to convey a message or show initials. They are used a lot for the funerals of mums or dads. People can communicate anything that has meaning for them through funeral letters. You can opt for a single letter or a combination of them.

Suitable Funeral Flowers

When it comes to funeral flowers, some flowers are more popular than others. Some of the most used funeral flowers include white roses, white lilies, orchids, carnations, chrysanthemums, disbuds, delphinium, stock, gerberas, gladioli, hydrangeas and Australian native flowers.

You might want to include your loved one's favourite flowers in the type of arrangement you are sending. It can be as simple as sending one bunch of their favourite flowers or using them as the main flower in a wreath or sheaf.

Another option that you might consider is dry or preserved flowers funeral arrangements. While this one is a more recent addition to funeral flowers, it is fast gaining traction. Preserved flowers now come in a variety of types and colours.

Dry flowers last longer than fresh flowers. The family can choose to take the preserved flowers home as a keepsake of the ceremony. Sometimes, the fresh flowers you are after are not in season, and it might be easy to source the dry or preserved flowers.

Some families prefer flowers that fit in with the funeral theme. Others request a donation instead of the flowers. If you are going to the funeral of someone from a different culture, it pays to be aware of their appropriate funeral flowers. Alternatively, you can choose to send some sympathy flowers instead.

Colour of Flowers

Usually, the colour of the flowers selected will depend on the gender of the deceased. The colours of flowers used for men funerals can include but are not limited to white, red, yellow, orange or blue. Some of the most popular funeral flowers for a lady are white, pink or purple flowers.

However, there are no hard and fast rules that say you can not mix different colours from both categories. Some of the most beautiful funeral flowers are the ones that combine a dominant colour mixed with accented different colours.


Funeral flower wreath with white flowers


If you are after a classic look, you can not go wrong with an all-white flower arrangement. It indicates sympathy, respect and great taste. Arrangements with white roses are very popular. If you are after something tasteful and elegant, you could order funeral flowers in different shades of the same colour. For example, an all-pink funeral arrangement for a lady or an all-red funeral arrangement for a gentleman.

When choosing funeral flowers, some people take into account the personality of the deceased. Therefore, some of the funeral flowers that are chosen are lively, bright and full of colour. Red roses are a popular choice. There is nothing wrong with ordering a bright and colourful funeral flower arrangement to celebrate a life well-lived.

Funeral flower wreath with orange flowers

Where to Send Funeral Flowers

Funeral flowers should be sent to the address of the funeral service. They should not be delivered to home or business places. Adding the name of the deceased and the service time helps as some funeral places are very busy.

Make sure to include a sympathy card with the flowers. Usually, at the end of the service funeral directors, or other persons in charge will collect all the cards and give them to the family as a keepsake. Some people like to replace cards with a ribbon message.

When To Send Funeral Flowers

Funeral flowers should be ordered ahead of time. Your florist will make sure your flowers will be there 60 minutes before the ceremony starts. That way, there is enough time for the flowers to be displayed and admired.

If there is a chance that your flowers will not make it to the funeral in time, it is best to send a sympathy flower arrangement instead. 

How to Organise Funeral Flowers

Local florists can guide you on the availability of flowers and the best-suited floral arrangement. They have a good knowledge of the local funeral services in the area.

If you need to send funeral flowers to Melbourne or the western suburbs, please contact Premium Flowers to make sure you send the best funeral flowers to the funeral of your loved one.